{rebate_info: api}

This application programming interface provides efficiency incentive information across the United States. Consumable responses are returned in JSON format, containing detailed information on utility-based rebate programs.

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Whether it is LED lighting, a new boiler, or a premium efficiency motor, efficient equipment consumes less energy. However, the most energy efficient products on the market are often too cost prohibitive. This API aims to solve this problem.

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The data for this project has been sourced from a variety of venues that publish energy efficiency incentive information. The data has been linked to geographic data to help resolve the mystery about rebates in your area.

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There are many ways to consume this API. The rebate_info database is fairly large and can be queried twenty (20) records at a time. The top-level schema can help give the user an overview of what data is available

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Take a look under the hood, or better yet, take a crack at improving the source code! This is an open source project using the Django framework with a PostgreSQL backend... and a few other things.

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